Linda Ruck Communications, Singapore

Personalised Public Relations & Event Management Asia Pacific.  Established in 2005.

Linda Ruck Communications (Singapore) is a boutique PR Company that works with a select group of companies and handles launches, media and press relations, consults on corporate communications strategies and branding, and manages promotional events in Singapore and APAC.  Special focus:

  • Fast paced media campaigns to escalate business in Asia.
  • To assist international companies who wish to expand into the Asian market by using Singapore as a gateway into Asia Pacific.
  • Multi market media campaigns spanning Asia Pacific.
  • Brand building and visibility.
  • Business development & lead generation.
  • Social media campaigns to maximum exposure.
  • Inbound CEO media campaigns.

If you are looking to sell more products and services, build your brand visibility, promote your business or run a PR campaign with panache contact us.

Clients include: Tech, mobile, business, consumer, luxury property, manufacturing and environmental.

About the entrepreneurial owner:  Linda Ruck:  Consummate, fast paced and results driven Public Relations professional with international business development experience. Proven track record running Public Relations, media campaigns, launches and events in Asia Pacific.

Extensive cross cultural business experience in Asia Pacific.

Expertise in brand building and increasing client’s market visibility in preparation for expansion, franchising or buyout.

Extensive business and media network. Previous Public Relations consultant to Marriott Group, Asia Pacific reporter, Vietnam Correspondent, Editor-in-Chief and Australian Government experience.

If you wish to expand into Asia, require creative PR, a media campaign or special event contact me.

A highly connected individual in Asia Pacific on linkedin.  Find out more on linkedin: or follow me on twitter